A skittering sound deafens the Realm of Ghur

The next project John is working on is a themed army for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

A 2000 point army of Spider-Fang. His thematic change to the army is there will be no goblins present in the army. (except those unlucky enough to have been captured by the webs of the evil spiders!) More progress pictures will be uploaded as progress is made. It is a slow process of cutting the legs to be separate from the body and heat bending them to a new pose but the end product gives each spider a unique personality and more importantly a larger presence on their base.  Custom bases are also being made up that look like spider eggs, even have a few little spiders from the arachnarok spider kit hatching!


For now enjoy the one finished table top standard ‘wild’ spiderfang in the color scheme inspired by a Phiale guttata spider.

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