Inquisitor Greyfax Conversion


Last night I began building Inquisitor Greyfax from the Triumvirate of the Imperium of Box set.  She’s an awesome model, with a very steampunk feel (probably helped along by that top hat).  She doesn’t really fit in any of my armies, and I had kept her and Belisarious Cawl out of the box, just to paint.  So I thought why not convert her up for my AoS-28 Warband?  So, here she is!  I used Skitari bits for her head and arms, and to build up her crossbow into something more low tech rather than the blaster it was originally attached to.  Some Skaven bits gave me her torch and an owl from the Sylvaneth Tree Lord kit added the final touch.  While still attempting to keep her “low-tech”  she has much more armaments and gadgets at her disposal than the rest of the grotesques in the warband.  Therefore I think her backstory will be that she was somehow transported into this world.  Using only her wits and crossbow she will need to travel through the curse infested swamps to find her way back home. . .


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