Acquired a Light Box +20 Picture Bonus

I have finally acquired a light box!  This has been on my hobby needs radar for awhile now, before I launched this site I knew I would need to upgrade from the back porch steps. So I figured I would give a little review of the light box that I purchased ( I am not being compensated in any way by Femonden or Amazon for this review.)

I purchased the Femonden Professional 16″x16″16″ Photo Lighting studio.  Everything comes packaged up in a nice black bag, which seems great for storage or if I ever felt the need to travel with it.  Butting it together was very simple.  It has metal piping and plastic joints that you just attach into a cube.  There is a small hanging net that diffuses the light, that is provided by 2 long flat LED panels.  The power source has 2 adapter ends tht get plugged into the LED bars and then snaked out the back.  The frame is then inserted into the fabric housing and you’re good to go.  It took me about 10 minutes to set up, with a huge chunk of that time devoted to figuring out how to turn it on and rechecking my wire connections (long press the on button).  It came with 4 different backgrounds to choose from (white, grey, black, and light blue) and, there is a dimmer so you can adjust the lighting.

So far I have been impressed with it, granted I haven’t used a store bought light box before.  Its huge so it should fit pretty much every miniature I have need to photograph (we will put it to the test with the Star Wars Venator next week).  My only complaint would be that the front hole for shooting through has no way to be held up, it needs a piece of velcro or something similar (I’m using a clothes pin at the moment).


Converted Gryphound that was my light box test subject.

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