Dark Elf Assassin for DnD

Dark Elf Assassin 2-WM

Quick single figure commission of a Warhammer Dark Elf Assassin done up for a clients’ DnD campaign.  Was given pretty much free reign on this, other than he wanted the mask to be red.  I used a lot of browns to give it a Foresty-Rogue feel.  I also got to use Shadows Edge Miniatures Tufts for the first time.  A friend gave me some for Christmas.  The green one is a shrub which I like, its beefier than a regular grass tuft and definitely gives more variety to the base.  The other tuft on the base is an “Autumn Tuft”.  They seem to be good quality and come in a variety of colors, including a whole bunch of flowers which i will have to check out for my upcoming Sylvaneth Display Board.  I would check them out next time you are in the market for basing materials.


*This is not a sponsored post, I received no compensation of any kind for product placement from Shadows Edge Miniatures*

Dark Elf Assassin 4-WMDark Elf Assassin 3-WMDark Elf Assassin 1-WM

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