DnD Remorhaz

Remorhaz 9-WM

Recently completed and shipped off to terrorize NPC’s and Heroes alike.  This piece was a lot of fun to paint and I tried out a new technique on the eyes.  Building it was about the difficulty you would expect from a heavy resin piece.  There were gaps there were easily fixed with some green stuff, and no terrible mold lines.  It has a custom sculpted base which was pretty dynamic with rock crumbling away from where the Remorhaz has burst from the ground.

The eyes were a lot of fun and I am really happy with how they turned out.  I started with a black base and blended darker reds, into red, red-orange, orange, orange-yellow, and then finally yellow.  I was able to achieve a nice glare effect by using really watered down light grey, and applying it in a small circle where the light would hit.  I allowed the edges to dry and then used a dry paintbrush to pull up the remaining thinned paint.  this created a sort of transparent layer that I was really happy with.  A few less thinned white dots for more glare and a layer of ‘Ard Coat to make it all shiny finished off the eyes.


I also worked a lot on my wet brush blending technique with this piece, working on creating depth and easy transitions between all the blues.   The client also asked for 4 smaller Reaper Ankhegs to be painted in the same style.


Remorhaz 2-WMRemorhaz 1-WMRemorhaz 3-WMRemorhaz 4-WMRemorhaz 5-WMRemorhaz 7-WMRemorhaz 8-WMRemorhaz 10-WMRemorhaz 11-WM


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