Descent- Journeys in the Dark and the Trollfens

Lieutenants 1

Recently completed to a Board Game Level 2 Painting Standard,Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd Ed, The Trollfens expansion, and the Lieutenant packs for both the base game and the expansion.  This was a really exciting commission because Descent is honestly to this day one of my all time favorite board games. Is it humongously clunky when you combine all the expansions? Yes.  Do I have my copy organized in a very large fishing tackle box that weighs close to 30 pounds? Yes.  Are there weird interactions between abilities from heroes and items in newer expansions?  Occasionally.  But I adore this game, its the game that got me into gaming, and also one of the first games I ever painted. I play tested expansions for this game in both alpha and beta versions, and you can find my name in the cover of the Heirs of Blood Campaign Book.

I would highly recommend checking out this game if you haven’t already.  It provides unique character customization through the choice of multiple classes, and a wide array of heroes.  The Overlorde plays against the heroes by using a deck of cards that provides boosts to the monsters as well as traps for the heroes.  Your hero advances in both power and gear as the campaign progresses before the final showdown.  And with more expansions than I can count on two hands there is more content than you will know what to do with.

The miniatures are typical Fantasy Flight hard plastic so they will stand up to multiple gaming sessions.  One some the minis, like the Flesh Moulders the details can be a bit muddled, but the Lieutenant and Hero sculpts are all richly detailed.  Particularly when you realize how small some of them are.  Between some of the Hero Expansion packs and the regular expansions there is a bit of a scale issue with some the heroes.  The newer sculpts are quite a lot larger and bulkier than their earlier counterparts. But these minis were a lot of fun to paint, and will look great set against the highly detailed dungeon tiles.

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