Space Wolves Converted Rune Priest and Harald Deathwolf

My Space Wolves got some reinforcements just in time for a tournament down in NJ at the Bearded Dragon.  If you haven’t been and live near by I highly recommend it.  The shop was bright and clean, the TOs and staff were helpful and friendly, and all of my opponents were really nice, and it was great time overall.  The wolves went 2-1, and I am having a great time playing 8th edition.

I had a lot fun with my Rune Priest conversion.  According to the Index he’s technically on a bike since Rune Priests can’t be on Thunderwolf Mounts.  I used Twolf cavalry legs, and a torso from something (IDK, John gave it to me awhile back), and then just a regular wolf helmet from the tactical squad.  His arcane staff is made from a thunderhammer handle, and the top bit is from one the bits you can put on the space wolf back backs. I also used quite a bit of green stuff to add to the fur on the shoulder pads as well as the pelt that hangs off his belt in the back.  Additionally just to make him stand out a bit more, hes got the only white thunderwolf in my army.

– Amanda

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