Kingdom Death Diorama

I love basing miniatures.  It helps to tell the story of the miniature and really immerses you in the world they come from.  One of my favorite settings is the world of Kingdom Death.  I’m working on painting up the Ranger, and creating a really dynamic base for her as she stalks her quarry.

Assembled Ranger

Step 1: I use small wooden plinths from the hobby store as based for larger pieces.  I wanted to do a creek running across it, so I used cork to build up the creek bed.Base 1

Step 2: I cover the base in spackle to create texture.  Then I added rocks in several different sizes, starting with the largest ones first, including one that was plaster cast. These are pushed down into the spackle so they appear to be protruding from the dirt.  Then sand is sprinkled on and patted down to cover most of the spackle.

Base 2Base & Supplies

Step 3: My plan is to have the ranger on a fallen log over the stream, so I went hunting in the backyard for a suitable piece.  I found one that was all twisty from some grapevine growing along side it. I measured it against the base and then cut it.  I sprayed it down with Krylon Matte Sealer to make sure it wont be falling apart. I glued it down and added some spackle and more rocks around it.

Base 3

Base 4

Step 4: I wanted something in the background to kind of frame the whole thing, so I went out and found a good branch for a tree.  I but a whole in the cork, glued it in, and then added spackle and rocks to make it look like it was naturally there.  Then left the whole thing to dry over night.

Base 5

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