Of Skitarii and Space Wolves

Space Wolves are the army that got me into 40K.  I was at a MtG pre-release event and talking to some of the 40k players at the local game store and talking about how cool the GW models are how I would love to paint some.  But, I figured there was no point, since 40k in my mind took up too much money and too much space for my grad school salary and apartment.  The guys there convinced me otherwise and that night night I took a box of tactical troops and thunderwolf cavalry home with me.  I mean, how can you say no to space vikings riding giant wolves?

It wasn’t long before I did what every 40k player does, buy a new army before I could finish painting my meager space wolves collection.  And so I started adding skitarii to my games and they are a match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned.  Where the Space Wolves excel in close combat and pack a punch, the Skitarii take of all my heavy weapons and ranged firing.  The Dune Crawler with the Iccarus Array in particular fits in perfectly in a 1500 point game and helps to deal with all those pesky flyers.  With the new rule set making it easier than ever to add whatever my army is missing, I see a lot more Skitarii getting painted in the future.


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