We Stream On Twitch & Have A Patreon

Hi Guys,

I just started doing live streams of painting Twitch,  I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.  I explain color blending, techniques I’m using, how to build up highlights, and just chat, drink coffee, and yell at the cat.  Check it out, I stream Monday and Thursday starting at 6:30 PM EST, with random streams thrown in.  I announce on Twitter and Instagram so keep an eye out for reminders.

So far I’ve been working on my Wyrd Miniatures Iron Painter Entry, painting some of the Tzeentch army commission I’m working on, and last night I worked on an anime statue repaint while the client was in the stream.  This was really useful since I am unfamiliar with the source material, and allowed me to make sure that all the color matching was there, and that the client will be 100% happy with the project when they receive it.

Twitch Link

I’ve also just launched my Patreon.  I will offer PDF tutorials for a variety of things, including basing and weathering, and battle report videos.  I have a couple really cool reward tiers, including private twitch streams for backers, and access to the Synchroenyess Miniature Painting Discord- There is a general chat for all things coffee, cat, and LOTR related, as well as a Miniatures chat for anyone with specific basing, painting, assembly, conversion questions or discussions.  I hope that it will allow my tiny community to grow and share ideas.

Another reward tier is a 1 hour “Paint and Sip” session with me.  We will have a video chat were we can paint the same miniature and have you follow along, or we can discuss a project you are working on and provide feed back, or we can just paint together and chat about whatever.

Thanks for all your support everyone.  It means the world to me that I get to paint and do something that I love and share it with you all.

Patreon Link

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