Wulfen Murder Pack Leader- Space Wolves

The first of two Wulfen Pack Leaders has been finished.  These guys have been a long time coming.  I bought a box about a year back and built them up and primed them so I could try them out in some casual games.  I lost interest in 7th Ed 40K, but the changes in 8th have brought me back around,  And let me tell you, Wulfen Murder Pack is the most apt name ever.  These guys are a goddamned meat grinder.  They will blow through anything your opponent can put on the table.  I kit mine out with half frost axes, half thunder hammers & storm shields.  The 3+ invulnerable save from the storm shields mean these guys will be able to live through multiple rounds of combat and the damage output from the frost axes is ridiculous.  Being able to move, advance and charge all in the same turn is downright nasty.  If you play Space Wolves aren’t running at least a half dozen of these guys, you might be doing it wrong.

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