Tau for MiniWarGaming

For those of you that also paint for commission and are looking for ways to help advertise your services, Mini War Gaming has a really cool Painting Partner Program.  Basically we paint stuff for them, and then they show it off on various social media platforms and in their 40k battle reports.

We have 12 Tau Crisis Suits that are being fully magnetized (That’s 12 magnets per figure!) so they can take off the weapon options.  All weapon options are being painted so these guys will be able to be customized for any battle.  There’s still a ways to go, all of the weapons need painting, but here’s a peek at some of the Crisis Suits!

Tau-3 together MWG
We tried to do different poses for all of them

Tau- JumperTau- Front

Tau- Commander Bonding Knife
Bonding Knife Free-Hand
MWG Symbol
MWG in Tau Speak

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