Kingdom Death White Lion & First Survivor Finished

I’ve finished off my White Lion and the first of my Survivors from the Kingdom Death Core Set.  These are my first paint jobs where OSL (Object Source Lighting) has been a major focus on the piece, and I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out.  There are tweaks to be made for sure, and some finesse that needs to be worked on.  For instance my lighting is pretty large for such a small source, and i brought the lighting a little too far across the front of my survivor, but these are just things to pay attention to for the next ones.

I also made a custom base insert for the lion.  Many of the KD minis have base inserts but a few don’t, the Lion is one of them.  Since he is the first monster the survivors face, I wanted him to have the same founding stone face base as them.  I created a large round mold using the stone face inserts overlapping parts and pushing some deeper to give it more texture.  Then I let let it cure, and poured in resin.  Once that was mostly set, but still a little floppy I traced the 50mm base on the back side of it, and cut it out to fit.  Throw a lantern on and your good to go!

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