New Citadel Hobby Tools Review


So I have finally had some time test out the new citadel hobby supplies that hit the stores in the beginning of November.  Normally I am not a big fan of citadel hobby tools, I find them over priced compared to anything else you can get, and while they do the job, I wouldn’t say there’s a difference between the xacto blade from the craft store ($3.00?) and Citadels version ($12.00).  I do think their hobby clippers are pretty good, but I could buy about 4 of the Privateer Press ones for that price.

So imagine my surprise when the Miniature Holder was only $8.00.  That’s a pretty good deal for anything with the Citadel name on it, but would there honestly be a difference between the wine corks I use for holding minis?  There is, and its for the better.  The Citadel holder has a really nice ergonomic shape which is nice for holding, and its much more substantial than the wine corks. I only have one complaint, the jaws to hold that base a little hard to get open, but other than that, I’m pretty happy.  I’d give it an 8.5/10 based on affordability, and usefulness.

The paint mat is $25.00 and I wouldn’t say that my life is now complete with it, but it is nice, and I had the money so why not? It is much easier to suck up Agrax shade that I invariably knock over, and any major spills would be contained.  I’ve already washed mine in the sink with other dishes and left it in the drying rack and its back in action.  This I would give like a 5/10,  it looks nice on my desk, but its not really something you need, and it is a bit pricey.

Do you have any gotta have em hobby tools?  Let me know!


*I did not receive any compensation from Games Workshop for this post, all views and opinions are my own.*

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