2018- The Year in Review

New Year- New Hobby Goals

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that your New Year is starting off on the right foot.  I’m not the biggest fan of New Years resolutions- if you haven’t been able to work towards change all year, why is all the sudden now going to be different?  Both as a person and a hobbyist you should be re-evaluating and pushing towards your goals all year long.  Hobbyvices on Instagram does a great little challenge every year and its nice to document and see where you’ve wound up, amidst all the commissions, side projects, and paint spills.


My 2017 resolutions as documented on Instagram where :

  • Finish Sylvaneth and bring them up to 3k points
  • Finish Space Wolves Army
  • Improve skills with NMM, OSL, and Free-hand
  • Improve the website and offer tutorials, and more hobby related things
  • Play in at least 1 big tournament

I still have some Sylvaneth things to touch up on- Stringing Kurnoth Hunter bows, painting the magnetized weapons.  I wont be bringing them up to 3k points, I like that list where its at, and I have Kharadron Overlords for the next AoS project.

Can your 40k army ever truly be done?  Since last year and the drop of 8th I have been playing A LOT of 40k, without looking at my SW box I know I have ~14 Wulfen to finish, Njal, ~15 blood claws, Bjorn, the transport ship, 8 Fenrisian Wolves.  But my list is always evolving, I did manage to finish off 3 jump pack heroes.

I have definitely improved my skill with OSL, and would say that skill sits at about a 5/10.  Free-hand and NMM I did not do a lot of work with this year.

I definitely improved this website, I did a marble base tutorial, some reviews.  There’s lots of room to grow, but I’m happy with where this website is at after it’s first year.

I unfortunately did not get to play in any of the larger planned tournaments this year, life gets in the way of even the best laid plans.  But I have begun playing about bi-monthly with a really fun group of people down in NJ (Shout out to the Bearded Dragon!) and some of those tournaments were in the 20+ people range, and a Mega-Battle I attended last week had 34 people playing.


My 2018 Hobby Goals:

  • Improve my skill with different techniques like loaded brush, and NMM
  • Paint 1 Bust
  • Completely paint all of the Space Wolves models I currently own
  • Finish off the Warhound Titan
  • Compete in Armies on Parade
  • Enter painting competitions
  • Clear out some of my shame shelf
  • Paint all of the Kingdom Death Core set
  • Engage with the hobby community more, and grow Instagram to 2k followers


Thanks to everyone for a great 2017, I look forward to growing my skills and sharing it all with you fine folks along the way.  Be sure to follow me on:

Instagram for WIP shots, behind the scenes, tourney videos, and cat/ prairie dog shenanigans

Twitter for hobby photos and unrepentant snark about all things

Twitch for live action tea drinking, and painting sessions.  The peek behind the curtains as it were.

You can find me under the Synchroneyess moniker on all 3.


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