Screaming Antelope – Kingdom Death

Screaming Antelope from Kingdom Death completed for my personal core set.  I’m having a hard time coming up with suitable base ideas.  A lot of the world of KD is barren, rock covered in faces so I am trying to come up with ways to keep my bases interesting, while also representing the world these monsters inhabit.  I’ve been making resin casts from some of the more interesting bases inserts and using parts of them to create bases.  For this one, I used part of a survivor stone face insert, and parts from the Gold Smoke Knight base insert.  Plus lots of GW texture paint.IMG_20171222_232934

I also tried out some new techniques with the blood and gore inside the belly.  I used a hot glue gun on parchment paper to create some smaller drips to use as strands of gore.  I then glued these in place and slathered them in Blood for the Blood God Gw technical paint.

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