Grandfather Has Brought Me Inspiration

I’ve been in a bit of a painting rut recently.  Last week I took a day off of my regular job to give myself a nice long 4 day weekend.  The plan was to bang out commission work for those days so I could try and get caught up.  It went mostly to plan, I dropped off a ton of Tzeentch stuff to a client at the FLGS, and got all the weapons painted and 95% of the magnetization done for the Tau, and got a good start on the Lord of Change, built up my Necromunda Escher Gang, and some bulkheads and objectives all got primed.

Come Tuesday I was feeling pretty burnt out though and grabbed a Poxwalker from one of like 5 Dark Imperiums in the closet.  I figured I would just play around with some colors and relax.  I was actually pretty pleased with the result.  I picked up the Gnarlmaw On Friday of this week, and built it during my bi-weekly “Hobby with Everyone and Pretend to be Social Night”.  The Gnarlmaw has 6 bells that hang from plastic chains, so i hollowed out the bells and used real chain from the hobby store to add a bit of excitement to it.  Again, for not doing much with Nurgle in the past I was pretty pleased with this.  And the pink and purple i used on the tubes reminded me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Gnarlmaw PoxWalker -WMGnarlmaw Front Angle- WMGnarlmaw Front 2 -WMGnarlmaw Front - WMGnarlmaw Branch- WMGnarlmaw Back -WMGnarlmaw Side -WM


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