Space Wolves Armiger Warglaive

The Forgebane box has been out for a few weeks now, it contains a small Mechanicus force and Necron force.  I hate Necrons.  So much so that if you offered me a million dollars to paint a 2k list I would actually debate saying no.  But I do love Skitarii!  I ally them in with my Space Wolf force to give them a bit of extra fire power.  So I was pretty excited to be able split half of this box and take all that sweet Skitarii goodness and add it to my shame pile.


It didn’t last long on my shame pile though.  The allure of the tiny little Armiger was too strong.  And so I painted one up in a suitable Space Wolves scheme, added some Space Wolves decals and some other wolfy bits.

They come on a pretty large base, and you know I can never resist an excuse to make a scenic base.  I have a fallen land raider, some shrubbery, and a dead marine as the focal points for the base.  I am still deciding if I will do a resin pour for this base.  Most likely, but we will see as I move father along.  I’ll update with some final pictures once the base is done.

I’ve also had a bit of interest over on Twitter (@synchroneyess) about a weathering tutorial so that will be posted as I paint up 4 Armigers for a friend.  I will probably do a step by step painting and weathering guide for them, so keep your eyes peeled.


3 thoughts on “Space Wolves Armiger Warglaive

  1. This little guy looks awsome. I love the colour scheme and the spead of deetail, interesting but not too busy. Looking forward to the weathering tutorial, as i think my Ad Mech robots look a bit plain and i think that would break up the surface. Very cool. Im new to the blog so when i have a chance i’ll have to go back and see what else is here!


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