The Tenth Realm

Hi All,

I haven’t updated in quite awhile.  Partly because there is nothing new and finished up to show (there are 30,000 half done projects), but because a lot of my hobby time has been going into a brand new Age of Sigmar focused YouTube channel, The Tenth Realm!

John, myself, and a few of our gaming buddies have been talking about this for ages.  We all consume a ton of User and GW created content everyday and we often found ourselves saying that we could do it better.  Well, now its time to put up or shut up because its out there for all to see!

The focus of our Channel and what sets us apart is our Round Table Discussion (RTD).  Every Saturday at noon our weekly show goes out where we have our host John, and then three of us from the group discussing a topic.  We answer three questions related to the topic and discuss our takes on it and how it relates to our personal gaming strategies and stories. The rest of show we talk about upcoming GW releases and community news.  The rest of the week we have some battle reports going up from full on AoS games and Shadespire, and some hobby videos.

We would love to have you guys check us out.  Its been a labor of love and we are all learning a lot as we go; graphic overlays, green screen lighting, video editing, and a hundred other things.  We’ve already invested in new equipment like mics, cameras, and lights. And we are all giving this our 100% to make it be the best we possibly can.  Any likes and subscribes would be amazing- Plus you’ll get entered in our monthly give away (this month its the Idoneth Deepkin Battletome) so what have you got to lose?

Thanks- Amanda and the rest of The Tenth Realm crew ❤

The Tenth Realm YouTube Channel



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