NoVA Open 2018- ReCap


Bright and early to convoy down with the boys of the Tenth Realm.  It took us about 7 hours.  Lots of fun bridges to go over and while we didn’t do any sightseeing you could see the Washington Monument from the highway.  Once we finally got there and checked in it was time for the GW Preview.  Lots of good stuff talked about there- Squiggeons, magic in Shadespire, continued support for LOTR, and lots more.  We also got to check Warhammer Champions.



Dropped off my models for the Capital Pallet painting contest.

Spent the morning checking out Vendors and looking at some awesome tables for LOTR.  And found a swanky little OOP LOTR box.



Saw the boys on some of the promotional materials, looking clever.

The I took my first class with Matt DiPietro- Blending Bootcamp.  Worked on practicing loaded brush, glazing, and 2 brush blending.



In the morning took Hands on Sketch Style with Matt DiPietro.  This was probably my favorite class of the convention.  I learned a lot, got to play around with inks, and decided this is how I’ll paint up my Modiphius Fallout Miniatures.

Then I got to take a weathering class with one of my Hobby Heroes -Duncan Rhodes!  We basically go about weathering the same exact way, only difference is I like Rhinox hide as the base color and he prefers Skavenblight Dinge.  He was super fun, and energetic, and friendly and I fan girled out hard.

After weathering it was straight into Shoshie Bauers class about skin tones.  This class was so informative, and I cant wait to apply what I learned to my own models.



Unfortunately I did not get all my sylvaneth painted in time so I had to drop from the AoS GT.  But that meant i had a ton of stress gone and enjoyed checking out all of the capital pallet entries.

Then I had True Metallic Metals with Vince Venturella of Warhammer Weekly.  Was a fun informative course.  Afterwards was time for some Adeptus Titanicus.


Sunday was time to head home.  We did a last round of the Vendors and then headed out.  We left before the Capital Pallet Award Ceremony so on the way home I was pleasantly surprised to get some messages saying that I had won Silver for Belisarious Cawl, and a Finalist Pin for my Sequitor Squad!


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