Commission Work

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We can help bring your army to life or make your next game night stand out with professionally painted miniatures.  We will work to bring your ideas to reality and the table top.

How We Work:

  1.  We offer 4 different painting standards for war gaming and two standards for board games.  We also offer several basing options.  Check out our galleries to see what standard will suite your needs. Then send us an email and outline what you envision for this project.  Be as detailed as possible by providing color schemes, example photos, and letting us know if you would like us to purchase models for you or if you will be providing them.
  2. You send us the models you wish to have painted or we purchase them.  Once they arrive we ensure that everything is there and intact.
  3. We assemble and prime your models.
  4. We paint and base the models to the standard you have chosen.  Throughout the entire process we will send you photos of our progress.  This allows you to have a hand in the painting process and to change things as we go if they are not to your liking.  Want to make a cloak red instead of blue? We’ve got you covered.
  5. We send you final photos for approval, collect remaining payment and then package and ship your miniatures to your door.

Additional Options:


We can magnetize all the weapon options in a kit for you.  Email for a quote.

Painting all Kit Options

We can paint all the weapon options that come with a kit (after magnetizing them for you, so you are ready to face any opponent!).  Email us for a quote.


We charge 50% of the total project cost to start work on your models for all projects under $500.  The remaining 50% plus shipping is due after we have sent you final pictures and you have approved them.  For projects over $500 we can break this down into payments over the course of the project.  However, on projects over $500, if you pay 50% upfront, and the remaining 50% on completion we offer a 10% discount.  If we are purchasing models for you we require the total cost of the plastic up front.  This cost is refundable up until we begin work on the models.  If you cancel your order we will send you the plastic back.  Payment can be made via paypal or on our Etsy Page

Bits and Conversion Policy

We love doing conversions to make sergeants, and other models unique and standout.  We also like being able to give you an entire squad of marines with flamers or whatever you might want.  In order to do this we go through our bits boxes to find things that are useful.  In order to help facilitate this and to make both yours and other customers experience the absolute best it can be we have instituted the following policy:

  • If you want all of your bits back please include this detail when we are discussing your project.
  • If this is not specified we will weigh the entire unclipped sprue and credit your payment.  1lb of sprue is equal to $10.00 off your order, with a dollar off minimum.

Display Boards

We are happy to announce that we now offer custom display boards for your army! These can range from 12″ x 18″ that conveniently fit on a carrying tray, 24″ x 24″ for armies on parade, or even larger sections to create custom gaming boards.  Pricing starts at $250.00 and varies depending on size, theme, materials, etc.

SW Snow 2

Painting and Basing Standards

-These are described with a basic Space Marine in mind. Each level builds off of the previous one with a level 2 model receiving all the specifics from level 1 and the additional specifics of level 2.  Each project is different so we will discuss all painting options with you, and specifics for your model.

Painting Level 1- Wargaming


Painting Level 1 will provide you with a great tournament legal army.  This is what we consider to be necessary for a tabletop standard army.  At this level your model will receive base colors, up to 2 shades (gun in black shade, model in brown shade), and highlights (one per base color).  At this level we pick out eyes (it should be a requirement for a commission service to paint eyes at all levels) and lenses.  The Chest Design, shoulder pad trim, vents on the backpack and pouches on belts will receive 1 color and a wash, and highlighted back to the original color.  The black rubber joints in the armor are picked out.

Painting Level 2- Wargaming


Painting Level 2 will provide you with an army that will stand out amongst your gaming group.  We will highlight main areas before they receive shades as appropriate for each base color (flesh shade on the face, Sepia wash on yellow shoulder pad, black wash on gun, and brown wash on body, etc).  You also have the option of recess only washes.  There will generally be 2 layers of highlights for each base color and gems, runes, pouches, chest details, etc will receive highlights.  Lenses will be picked out to show a light source glare, eyes will receive pupils.  Shoulder pads, vents on back packs, pouches will be highlighted.  The black rubber joints of the armor will receive a highlight.  Additional we will provide light weathering at your request on these models.

Painting Level 3- Wargaming

Geigor Front WD

Painting Level 3 will provide you with an amazing centerpiece to your army.  These models are painted to the best of out abilities and feature a variety of techniques.  Heavy weathering, OSL, wet blending, heat bloom on metal weapons.  Transitions and highlights will be smooth across the whole model as well as multiple layers of highlights, and edge highlighting.

Level 4- Wargaming

We offer level 4 painting for select model sizes.  These models are truly amazing additions to any army.  At this level assembly and custom basing is included in the price as well as the use of LED lighting as appropriate.  Weathering, freehand, and other effects can be found on these models.

Painting Level 1- Board Games


Painting level 1 for board games will provide you with a tabletop standard that will dramatically increase the excitement of your game night.  We rely heavily on washes and dry brushing and may use the dip method to give these miniatures depth and effects.

Painting Level 2- Board Games


Painting Level 2 for board games goes above and beyond what is offered in Level 1.  A variety of techniques will be used to pick out details and highlight these miniatures.

Basing Level 1- Wargaming and Board Games

Basing Level 1 is either a single type of flock or a simple paint job, such as a wooden floor or cobblestone.  Texture paint may be used. (See Mansions of Madness Heroes above for an example)

Basing Level 2- Wargaming and Board Games

Basing Level 2 will employ more than one type of flock, tufts may be used, cork may provide an interesting and dynamic base.  If texture paint is used it will be washed and dry brushed for extra effect. (See Imperial Assault Heroes above for an example)

Basing Level 3- Wargaming

Basing Level 3 will provide a dynamic base that truly makes your miniature look lie it belongs in another world.  A variety of materials will be used to create a natural looking environment whether it be a lush forest or war torn desert planet. (See Space Wolf Captain or Tree-Revenants above for an example)

Check out our spreadsheet for Age of Sigmar, Warhammer40k, Warmachine (First Tab), and various board games (Second Tab).  Simply fill in the quantity column and it will auto-calculate price estimates for you.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Shoot us an email.

Commission Pricing Excel Sheet


Reviews From Happy Customers


I made this etsy account specifically to work wih Amanda.
Project: Paiting 35 points worth of minis from Warmachine’s “Retribution of Scyrah” faction
Completion Time: 6 months (no deadline)
Communication: 4.5/5
There were many periods of inactivity here and there where Amanda was unreachable. However, over these 6 months, Amanda consistantly responded to messages and inquiries about the project. From the get-go, she was easy to talk to and be friendly with.
Professionalism & Personality 5/5
Not only does the final product look professional, br Amanda conducted herself in a way throughout our transaction that every seller on etsy should envy. Additionally, Amanda is one of the sweetiest commisioners I have ever worked on for any project. An absolute joy to talk to.
Flexability: 5/5
Amanda spent many hours talking to me about deviations or alternate options from the paint scheme I proposed. One unit in particular was giving her a lot of trouble to paint (the Scyrah mech, Banshee) and she was extremely cooperative in coming up with new ideas to circumvent the problem. Some of her other deviations approved by me are now the best looking units I have.
Transparency: 4.5/5
Going hand in hand with communication, upon request and occasional self update, Amanda posted WIP photos of the army. These images are super cool to look at, and I am really happy that Amanda consistantly kept me up to speed with the project.
Price: 5/5
Amanda kept costs low for me and worked within my budget limitations. And from what I can tell, she deserves to be getting paid just as much as any high profile commissioner for Miniature gaming. I am grateful for the rate she gave me, and there are plenty of artists who would have charged more and produced something less.
Shipping: 5/5
All units were shipped safley
Glueing: 3/5
Some parts were glued. But the glue used was pretty low quality and parts fell off and damaged some paint. It was very easy to fix this with locktite. though in the future I reccomend Amanda switch glue produts for minis.
Final Product: 5/5
The product is exactly what I wanted and more. The colors I asked for have not only been used as requested, but the variances and details added to the paint scheme have created amazingly beautiful figures. Amanda can paint with the best of then
This section loses 0.0001 points for not applying a protecting layer of topcoat to the product, which has led to some scratching. But this is easily fixed.
Overall score: 4.9/5
Amanda thank you so much for all of your hard work these past few months. I wish you the best and I will always be proud of what you did for my army.
Highly reccomended.