The Tenth Realm

Hi All, I haven’t updated in quite awhile.  Partly because there is nothing new and finished up to show (there are 30,000 half done projects), but because a lot of my hobby time has been going into a brand new Age of Sigmar focused YouTube channel, The Tenth Realm! John, myself, and a few of … More The Tenth Realm

Arcadia Quest

Finished up another commission of some Arcadia Quest figures.  Again, these things are a lot of fun to paint.  And I’m pretty proud of my chibi eyes.  John and I have been “drafting” these minis.  When the client sends them, he includes their hero cards so we take turns one by one deciding what we … More Arcadia Quest

Brush Review- Windsor & Newton, & Broken Toad

For Christmas this year, I bought myself a set of Broken Toad Brushes, and was gifted a set of Windsor and Newton Miniature Series Brushes.  Having gotten to work with them both for almost a month now here are my thoughts.  Previously I’ve used some Privater Press Brushes, Army Painter, and some brushes from the … More Brush Review- Windsor & Newton, & Broken Toad